About Us

About Us

About Quotients

Quotients is an initiative aimed at helping innovators, industry and investors to up their game in this age of disruption. We intend to help the stakeholders to meet this challenge of metamorphic shift that is taking place in the world of technology and businesses by focusing on four ‘quotients’.

Innovation Quotient

We help you to measure the value of ideas before you spend time or money on its development. With the discovery of new evolving use cases we help innovators to refine their offerings with respect to the market demands.

Visibility Quotient

We help businesses and startups with their visibility plan, and marketing efforts by boosting their brand identity and marketing appeal.

Agility Quotient

Agility is ability or capacity to swiftly adapt to the changing needs of customers, employees, and the marketplace. By keeping industry partners updated recent innovations, developments, and evolving use cases we help them to stay ahead in their game and rediscover their portfolio of offerings and strategy.

Success Quotient

We help early startups and companies by mentoring, advising, and finding for them right investors and industry partners. By enabling partnerships and collaborations among different stakeholders we help in scale-ups, growth, expansion and revenue generation.