Applied Innovation Industry 4.0

Visual Inspection System improving Production Process

Applied Innovation Industry 4.0

Visual Inspection System improving Production Process

Manufacturing operations attempt to provide the greatest level of quality at all stages of the manufacturing or assembly process. This requires quality checks that need visual confirmation to verify that the pieces are in the correct places, have the correct form, color, or texture, and are free of flaws such as scratches, pinholes, foreign particles, and so on. Because of the volume of inspections and product variation, as well as the fact that flaws can appear anywhere on the product and be of any size, automating these visual quality checks is extremely challenging.

A visual inspection enables the production process to be improved. The vision inspection system has sensors and cameras and relies upon computer vision technology. A visual inspection machine compares two objects in order to provide a response or result. For performing the comparison, vision inspection systems contain all of the information required to categorize all of the items included in the inspection.

To decide which elements will pass the comparison and which will fail, the visual inspection machine incorporates photographs of past tests that were deemed successful. The cases of ideal elements, the elements to be classed, and those that will pass the tests are included in the system, both visually and by information from another class. Those elements that are included through images serve as a guide to be able to compare all the others, as stated earlier this is the visual comparison.

Visual comparison occurs when one piece is placed next to another, observed from multiple perspectives, and able to produce some form of link between them. The qualities to be compared are observed from various perspectives, first to make them correspond in their orientation and allow for a more accurate comparison, or it may also be accomplished by re-creating the photos in 3D format, superimposing one over the other, and describing the differences.

We have solutions for object recognition, fault detection, and process control. Our visual defect and dimensional sorting solutions for a variety of items deliver high productivity with excellent product handling and better inspection efficiency. These solutions are designed with the customer’s needs in mind and are highly customizable to the user. It is combined with cutting-edge in-house software that is dependable and accurate, resulting in the best final product.

Some key features of the solution are:

– Real-Time Monitoring
– Resident Database SQL
– Remote Control and Setting
– Vision Software Programmable by User
– Statistical Reports easily accessible through UI
– Machine Vision Software
– Accuracy up to ±10 microns
– Support for multiple Camera units
– Run as a Turn-Key system
– Simple Setup and Adjustments
– Short Setup Time for multiple codes

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