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Digital Microscopy – Enabling Telepathology and Better Diagnostics

Applied Innovation Healthtech

Digital Microscopy – Enabling Telepathology and Better Diagnostics

Role of Microscopy in Diagnostics

Microscopy is an important part of pathology research where pathologists using microscopes check abnormalities in specimen like cells, tissues, or organs to study the changes that occur when they are affected by disease. Microscopes, camera, and imaging software system is utilized to detect that would not be able to be seen with their naked eye, for example subtle differences in color, or the number of certain cells in a specimen.

Advent of Digital Pathology

Digital pathology, largely developed over the last decade, has become essential to adapt and lead in the rapidly changing environment. The technology is widely used here to create and support digital pathology i.e. for performing pathologic analysis and managing the information associated with this activity.

AI/ML-based solutions for primary diagnosis

In low resource settings,  the absence of trained professionals require the movement of the physical slides, patients, or professionals for consultation between the urban and rural centers which is time consuming and an expensive proposition. Digital pathology holds the potential to bridge this gap. The advent of smart phones and tablets with usage increasing with each generation in both the urban and rural areas, coupled with AI/ML-based quantifying solutions built with digital scanners, can address the issues like primary diagnosis and training in remote areas effectively.

An Integrated Digital Microscopes

A new integrated digital microscope  has been developed high magnification mobile phone/tablet microscope that provides high-quality images. The microscopes are battery operated and with this are portable, lightweight, compact with ergonomic design.

According to the company claims, the microscopes are durable, efficient for any work environment and can can also be easily setup in a few steps. It has 1000X zoom and more than 30fps recording and integrated with video-conference options.  It also have micrometry  and annotation ability.

The Digital Microscopes also come with remote viewing tool that allows medical professionals to practice telepathology — the practice of medical diagnosis facilitated by digital transmission of pathological data using telecommunication data. This can ensure consistent flow of work across geographical boundaries and devices allows for conducting consultations, across geographical differences and multiple devices, enabling second opinions and slide discussions.

There is also an option to store unique and important cases through its digital imaging and micrometry tools that can be read and analyzed later and serve as case study and ground for coming to important conclusions.


Quality medical treatment can be a challenge in remote areas, so this startup is offering an important technology helping patients to see better medical outcomes, reduce liability and result in significant time savings for the hospital, pathology lab and surgical personnel.

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