Applied Innovation Healthtech

AI-assisted Digital Physiotherapy resulting in Positive Outcome for Patients

Applied Innovation Healthtech

AI-assisted Digital Physiotherapy resulting in Positive Outcome for Patients

The digital economy saw accelerated growth during the covid19 outbreak. The pandemic presented many windfall opportunities for digital technologies– represented by the Internet, big data, 5G, and artificial intelligence– to expedite their deep integration with industries such as retail, finance, mobility, manufacturing, healthcare, etc.

Digital Health

Digital health, the use of information and communications technologies in health professions to address illnesses and health risks and to facilitate wellness, was increasingly leveraged world over to accelerate, compliment, and optimize health care service during the pandemic and it continues to evolve. There is an increasing trend among people relying on digital platforms for their well-being.

Digital Physiotherapy

Digital Physiotherapy is one of the applications in the digital healthcare domain that is gaining popularity and physical therapists around the globe are making use of technological advancements for providing care to their patients. It relies on smartphone-based computer vision for motion tracking and an app for functioning. Motion tracking, a subfield of computer vision and an extension of object recognition follow and monitors the motion of a person or object across multiple frames in a video.

Digital Physiotherapy Positively Impacts Patient Management

This has great potential to positively impact patient management as these solutions are scalable and can overcome obstacles like cost as these patients can recover from the comfort of their homes and also save on medical expenses and time. Such solutions can also be individualized to meet patient and clinician needs and expectations. But there are also challenges like lack of standardization and require more reliable measures of evaluation than those existing at present.

There are solutions that are coming up and are using this technology to capture exercise data like the speed and range of motion of the patient. This data is monitored by a team of experts who engage through video calls and messaging. There is also an option for real-time corrective feedback to ensure that the recommendations are being followed and to provide personalized care.

AI Assisted Care

Digital physiotherapy solutions depend on an app to help patients choose a time of treatment according to their convenience and interact with the physiotherapist in real time. There are also options for the patients to know all their details as they can access all their records all the time. The patients can conduct the exercise sessions at the time they choose and get guidance through AI (Artificial Intelligence) so there is no need for the doctors to be present every time. Therefore, it saves time both for physiotherapists and the patients allowing for the treatment of more patients.

As the whole process is virtual so the treatment can be done through a compact personal studio rather than a clinic saving large costs on rent and maintenance. Automated record tracking and clubbing together of identical cases can help the physiotherapists to study the process and outcomes and come up with standardized treatment saving time and effort.

This digital physiotherapy solution is being deployed at various levels in the healthcare industry and receiving positive feedback. To know the details and discuss more on this as well as other evolving solutions in multiple domains please write to us at

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